Judge Judy Has Zero Tolerance For Drunken Plaintiffs

This particular case from Judge Judy is kind of confusing: It involves a gas station, a hospital, one assault, two separate car accidents, three parties, and lots and lots of drunk people. The plaintiff was so drunk (and allegedly on meth) that she didn't remember why she got beat up, who exactly beat her up, where she was hanging out or who she was with. She's suing her former BFF and roommate, as well as the BFF's sister, who, BTW , wasn't even there. Not surprisingly, JJ can barely sit in her seat, she's so irritated, and ends up calling the plaintiff a crybaby. LOL! Needless to say, she dismisses the claim. You'll feel just as drunk as these chicks after you watch the clip above.

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@blondegrlz: @BeAgrestic: Oh wow. Both of those stories are just precious.

My husband is a freelance writer for an educational video company. He creates teacher packets that go along with the videos. He doesn't drink and had to do one about driving under the influence. So has asked me what excuses people use. So I ticked off a ton that I had personally heard "I've driven worse than this" "I'm not drunk, you're drunk" "I'm only driving 10 minutes" "I drive better when I'm drunk", etc. He was stunned... I think I'm numb to it...