The Philly accents on Judge Judy today were so intense that JJ had a difficult time understanding what the hell the defendant was saying.

My mom called me today to tell me that her coworker's brother was on Judge Judy. It was obvious that these people were from where I grew up because their accents were out of control. I think it's the most difficult accent to replicate authentically, and even though I grew up around it, I still can't really do it justice when I try. Any actor who can should immediately get an Academy Award. I'm fascinated because there's just something so specific yet elusive about Philly/South Jersey/Baltimore accents.

Anyway, this girl egged her aunt's boyfriend's car, and then admitted as such on a MySpace wall. JJ had an even harder time understanding the girl's "computer speak." It's funny because you can kinda see her accent in her typing, particularly total lack of the word "have" and how she employs "use" to mean "yous." Here's a transcription:

okkkkkkk i didddddd [expletive] useee the penuttt brain of yourssss for oncee!!! i beeenn where i always beeen morell or parkwoodd && i liveee at grannnyys house now becausee i had [cut off] get caught wit u [expletive] that day lol butt i was in mormandy [cut off] the other niteee we [expletive] tim's car uppp loll he prolly thought it was use anywaysss

Usually MySpace or YouTube comments mimic texting spelling as a way to eliminate extra letters, but some of her keys must have been sticky or something because she added a bunch of extra shit she didn't need.