Judge Issues Bench Warrant for Kim Richards After She Skips Out On AA Meetings

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A L.A. judge has signed an arrest warrant for Kim Richards after the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star failed to turn in documentation that proved she’d been attending her court-ordered AA meetings.

Kim, who has publicly struggled with alcoholism and addiction issues, was arrested for public intoxication at the Beverly Hills Hotel last April. Months later, she was arrested again after shoplifting $600 worth of merchandise from a L.A. Target. For both cases, she accepted identical plea deals that required her to attend 52 weeks of Alcoholics Anonymous and complete 30 days of community labor. (Because she is a rich white lady, a judge agreed to let her serve her sentences simultaneously.)

TMZ reports:

Kim never turned in documentation to prove she’s attended the number of AA classes ordered in her plea deal.

Kim’s been struggling in all her cases. As we’ve reported ... the judge in her Beverly Hills arrest already scolded her for not doing community labor, and shot down her foot injury excuse.


Kim’s last tweet was about the April 19 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. During the episode, she talked about the twelve steps and her struggles with sobriety.

Bail was originally set at $26,000 ($1K more than Dana’s sunglasses), but according to the most recent update from TMZ:

A rep for Kim showed up in court and conceded Kim had no proof she’d made progress in completing her AA classes or community service. The judge withdrew the warrant and set a probation violation hearing for June 3. The judge could throw Kim in jail after the hearing if he determines she didn’t make a sufficient dent in the classes or community service.


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something i hate about AA is how polarizing it is. next week i’ll have two years sober thanks to AA and i see it on both sides. people being adamant it’s the only solution and people (already in the comments) declaring it is garbage because it didnt work for them.

AA is not for everyone. it can be good for you or bad for you. AA working for you doesnt mean it’s the only solution, and it not working for you doesnt make it garbage. people get so crazy on both sides