Judge How Bad Charlie Sheen's Live Show Was For Yourself

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Charlie Sheen's live show, I am Teetering On the Brink of Utter Obscurity, is awful. So awful that the crowd reportedly booed Sheen off stage during his first performance in Detroit last night. Here's some video of Sheen struggling to shout out hecklers to tell a story about crack at that performance. Yikes. Who directed this thing, Julie Taymor?


In fact, it might be more entertaining to play this video for someone who bought an overpriced ticket to one of Sheen's future shows and watch their reaction.


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On his podcast last week, Marc Maron said that he'd been approached to talk to Charlie about structuring his act, transitions, etc...and that when he met with him it was pretty clear that Charlie wanted to do exactly what Charlie wanted to do and while he wasn't hostile or anything, he wasn't really open to guidance. Maron seemed resigned to the fact that this was going to be a trainwreck, but kind of optimistic that Sheen's sheer desire to express whatever his mania has revealed to him and his bravado would carry the day.

Doesn't look like that was the case.