I have a screener of This is 40 sitting next to me and I haven't worked up the nerve/patience/interest to watch it yet. I've heard everything from "it's suuuuuper boring and long TAKE ME NOW GOD" to "yeah, it's super long and aimless, but so is marriage." Hearty endorsements!

I don't know, I've yet to reach that "letting go" point in my life as I haven't been able to successfully trick anyone into locking this down, but I'm interested in the topic. And love. And long-term roughing it with another person because starting over sounds even worse. And Paul Rudd. And Leslie "FRONCH TOAST" Mann.

Anyway, if you're also interested, let's read about two famous forty year olds Making It Work in Life and Love. Let's go!

On the difference between men and women when it comes to sacred bathroom rituals:

Apatow: I'm a big fan of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. They talk about how men like to go to their caves, and women are always trying to get men out of their caves. That's always my excuse for my escape. And it probably is just that I'm exhausted, and it's fun to read the Huffington Post for 12 minutes on the toilet. Leslie will track how long I've been in the bathroom based on my Tweets. She'll say, "I know you're not going to the bathroom, you're Tweeting." She never opens the door. I think the second I hit the toilet, she signs on to Twitter to see if I'm really doing what I'm saying I'm doing. But I think everybody does that. There's no guy who's seen this movie that doesn't say that they escape into the bathroom. I just think it's a natural thing. Do you think women don't do that, honey? They don't feel the bathroom is a place to escape?

Mann: Um.

Apatow: To catch a breath?

Mann: I don't think so.

Apatow: Where do you catch your breath?

Mann: We don't. We're women. We're stronger than you are.

Well, that's pretty much all wrong because I'm writing this blog post from the crapper. Next!


On putting their 15-year-old daughter Maude in the movie:

AwardsLine: Did you feel as though you were crossing a line, putting your own family life on film?

Mann: I don't see it that way. I know that there are certain things that are kind of pulled directly from our lives. Like, we don't have wifi in the house.

AwardsLine: Really?

Mann: We have it in my bedroom, but don't write that because (our daughter) Maude doesn't know. But most of it, emotionally, I feel like it's true, and what a woman goes through and what a man goes through at that stage of life feels really honest. But I think that's pretty universal. So I didn't feel like I was exposing this really personal thing about myself. I just felt like I'm playing a character and this is different from my life, but the same emotionally, you know? Does that make sense?


NO WIFI!? Get a rope! Seriously, Maude, get at me if you want to look into this legal emancipation thing. I have WiFi, but you'll pretty much have to handle everything else yourself. Hey, can you cook and clean? Asking for a friend.

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