Juashaunna Kelly is the fastest girl in all of D.C. The track star, and observant Muslim, however, was banned from a meet on Saturday because of her uniform, a custom-made creation that covers her head, torso, arms, and legs in accordance with Islam's modesty laws. And though Kelly has competed in the uniform before, the director of the meet said it stood in violation of National Federation of State High School Associations. Says Juashaunna's mother Sarah: "First, they said she had to take her hood off. Then, they said she can't have anything with logos displayed. Then, they said she had to turn it inside out. When I told them that there weren't any logos on it, they said she had to put a plain white T-shirt on over it." Says us: This is bullshit — let the young woman run. [MSNBC]


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ARGH. this makes me mad— when i ran track/cc in high school, we had all sorts of bullshit rules too. in fact, one ref told us he refused to enforce them (like the size of piping or a logo on a sports bra) because he was old enough to be our grandfather and "had no business telling young girls what underwear they could wear."

and seriously. they'll let girls run in bundies, but not let her observe her religion? this is HIGH SCHOOL people, not the olympics. for fuck's sake.