Journo Tries The Phelps Diet • More Female Neurosurgeons Needed

A male journalist in England tries the Michael Phelps 12,000-calories-a-day diet. Spoiler: He doesn't get Phelps' athletic bod. • The Vagina Monologues gets revived in Russia, even though the word "vagina" had to be altered on posters because of censure of the word for being "vulgar." • The repeated use of four skin moisturizers showed an increase risk of developing skin cancer in mice. • TV shows like CSI and other factors may be linked to an increased amount of women entering forensic scientist programs, where 75% of the graduation population are women. •• Meanwhile, efforts are under way to increase the amount of female neurosurgeons (women only make up 6%) which can be linked to gender inequality in pay and promotion in the field. • Maybe the neurosurgeons could recruit this young lady: A 17-year-old female Canadian teen discovered that MSG causes stunted brain cell development. • A man in Los Angeles was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for killing his girlfriend's cat to threaten her. Have fun in prison, asshole! • The Beyonce "Whitening" ad debate continues: One black female TV personality in the UK talks about the message a lighter-skinned Beyonce sends to young black women. • Preventing domestic and sexual abuse of married women in India may decrease the abused women's risk of contracting HIV. • A woman in Poulsbo, Washington tackled and beat her fiance at their prenuptial party after her 12-year-old son told her he saw her fiance kissing her friend. •

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