Journalist/Multi-Tasker Sarah Tressler Gives First Interview Since Being Outed as a Stripper

Houston society journalist Sarah Tressler has given her first interview since being outed as a stripper by newspaper the Houston Press; since the story broke two days ago, Tressler has been fired from her reporting job at the Houston Chronicle for "not revealing her off-duty dancing." Despite that misfortune, she seems to be taking everything in stride — even the shitty, patronizing and judgmental attitude with which GMA approached her interview.

When asked if she proud of herself (for what? Losing her job? Daring to take her clothes off and dance for money? Hooking up with Jeremy Piven? Cool journalism, GMA), Tressler, who is also an adjunct professor at the University of Houston responded, "I think I'm doing pretty well...I was a stripper/reporter/professor and now I'm just a stripper/professor and I don't think that's too bad."


Getting down to what really matters, did you know that Tressler makes up to $2,000 a night as a dancer? Please excuse me while you think on that — I have some moonlighting that I need to get into.

Reporter Sarah Tressler's Double Life as Stripper [GMA]

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