Josh Peck Is Teh Hotness In The Wackness

I have such a soft wet spot for the suburban poseur guys some would call "Jew wiggers." Former Nickelodeon show Drake & Josh star Josh Peck plays one in The Wackness, and he grew up to be so HOT. (Seriously, who would've thought? He's the one on the right here.) The film takes place in 1994 in Manhattan, and while some of the '90s references are really heavy handed, many of them are totally welcome for those of us who remember the era fondly, especially those of us who love early '90s hip hop and R&B. I saw a screening, and chuckled to myself when there was talk of $30 bags of weed. They're never sold in that increment anymore! And why not? Also, the dialog is at times hilarious. ("I'm mad depressed, yo!" Peck says to Kingsley, in one scene.) Anyway, this is the movie in which Mary-Kate Olsen has a "love scene" with Ben Kingsley. Kinda disturbing and weird. It's in theaters July 3. Check out the trailer, above.

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I saw this kid on a late night something recently (leno?) and he kinda freaked me out, very processed and pre-scripted responses (more than the usual). I was scared and turned off the tv.