Illustration for article titled Josh Duhamel Kicked Off Plane For Refusing To Turn Off Phone
  • Yesterday Josh Duhamel was escorted off a plane by U.S. Airways employees after he ignored three requests to turn off his Blackberry before takeoff. Another passenger says he was "very rude" and was "taunting the attendant."
  • Passengers were angry that Duhamel further delayed the flight, and his rep says, "He's sorry." [TMZ]
  • The lawsuit against Nickelodeon by Caitlin Sanchez, who voiced Dora the Exporer, has been mysteriously dropped. Sounds like somebody got paid off! [NYT]
  • Authorities have revoked Jermaine Jackson's driver's license until he pays the $100,000 he owes in child support. [TMZ]
  • Aretha Franklin says her surgery was "highly successful," but still hasn't explained what she's being treated for. [AP]
  • A boy can dream: Justin Bieber drew a moustache on his face with a Sharpie. [TMZ]
  • Barf-inducing headline of the day: "Will Johnny Depp Ever Put a Ring on It?" [E!]
  • Oh, thank god: "Charlie Sheen's Lawyers Closer To Finding His Missing $165,000 Watch Allegedly Stolen By Porn Star" [Radar]
  • J-Woww is being sued by ex-boyfriend Thomas Lippolis who claims he was her business manager, and is thus entitled to a portion of her Jersey Shore haul. [TMZ]
  • Wow, did Maggie Gyllenhaal saying Thanksgiving with Taylor Swift was "great" really warrant a whole article? [Us]
  • When asked about Jessica Simpson's engagment for the 4,000th time, Nick Lachey said, "I don't have any thoughts on any of it. I don't know what people are saying. I'm not the one to speculate on timing." [Us]
  • Mark Ruffalo explains how the rumor that he's on the terrorist watch list got started: "I've never been stopped at the airport and I think that the story has snowballed into this incredibly fantastical thing... At the center, of course, is one small grain of truth, which is that back in September, I was hosting educational screenings of Gasland. Pennsylvania's Homeland Security was monitoring these screenings and feeding information to the gas industry. And they got busted. It was a huge embarrassment and the head of their Homeland Security had to resign over it." [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Aaron Eckhart won't be back as Two-Face in the next Batman movie. Here's how Eckhart describes the moment when Christopher Nolan broke the news: "We found ourselves alone on the beach together on a stormy day and he delivered the news to me. And I was heartbroken. I was heartbroken. But Chris has his reasons and my life must go on." [MTV]

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