Josh Duggar Is Being Sued By the Guy Whose Face He Used on His Ashley Madison Profile

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I rarely write about the Duggars in Dirt Bag because 1) they repulse me, and 2) the stories are usually far too dark for something posted before 10:00 am, but this one is a little different. How do I put this? It’s, uh, proof that karma is a shady bitch?


Josh Duggar, vocal proponent of “traditional family values” slash former Ashley Madison user, is being sued by the man whose photo he used on the site. As reported by Gawker last summer, the angry man’s name is Matthew McCarthy, and TMZ reports he’s been “humiliated since Duggar confessed he was addicted to porn and had been trawling for women online.”

Writes TMZ:

In the lawsuit, McCarthy says he was raised in a strong-knit Catholic family ... so being connected to Duggar’s porn life — on Twitter, OkCupid and Ashley Madison — has been mortifying.

He adds he’s been getting harassing messages referring to him as “Duggar’s boy toy” and “DJ Duggar.” He’s a DJ and photographer by trade.

Matthew is suing Duggar for the wrongful use of his image, and for damages ... aka cash.

TLC reality shows: full of good!


Caitlyn Jenner is suing the paparazzi she claims were partly responsible for the accident that killed one person, a woman named Kim Howe, in Malibu last year. Jenner has filed court documents claiming the photographers were “harassing [her] throughout the day up through the time of the accident.”

Reports People:

Jenner describes the alleged harassment as driving too close to her vehicle in order to snap photos, tailgating her and overall driving in a reckless manner in attempts to get their pictures.

“As a direct consequence and result of this stalking, harassing and distracting conduct, [Jenner] was visually distracted, and the negligence and reckless conduct of the Stalker Defendants did contribute to the cause of an accident where seconds and split seconds mattered,” the document reads.



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