​Josh Charles Resurrects Sports Night's Dan Rydell For One Fine Moment

Josh Charles isn't quite done with his Good Wife farewell tour yet.

The [SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER] ex-star of the CBS drama, whose character will killed off in a jaw-dropping episode last week, gave his longtime fans the ultimate nod and wink. Channeling his full-on Dan Rydell character, Charles co-anchored Keith Olbermann's ESPN show and yes, everything about it was pretty freaking great. Via Zap2It:

The bit starts with little preamble and with Charles fully in the character of Dan Rydell. He and Olbermann spend a couple of minutes reporting on the sports highlights before Olbermann stops and asks what's going on."I just thought they couldn't find anyone who looked a lot like Peter Krause," Charles responds, referring to his "Sports Night" co-star."Yeah, well I thought you were dead," Olbermann responds.


OMG I miss Sports Night so freaking much. Is it on Netflix? PLEASE GOD TELL ME THIS SHOW IS ON NETFLIX. No? *heart sinks* But wait—it is on Hulu Plus!

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