It continued in this way for several minutes: Hernandez requested “her flowers” and Williams asked to see her shoes (Williams opens her interviews with a “shoe cam” peep at whatever’s on her guest’s feet). Hernandez did not show her shoes, and insisted that Williams was not rooting for her, a fact made more galling because Hernandez, she insisted, has the No. 1 show in the country.


Actually, Williams pointed out, the stripper competition Joseline’s Cabaret: Miami is the No. 1 show on Zeus, a niche streaming channel. “You have the number one show on Zeus, and you got renewed for a third season, which is to be commended,” said Williams. Hernandez insisted she has the No. 1 show in the country.

Williams said that she can relate to feeling undervalued. “If you possibly think that I leave here every day and don’t feel undervalued for something that I do, as a woman, we’re not even going to talk about race, just as a woman,” said Williams. “I still don’t make that dollar for dollar men make, so please. Anyway, shoe cam please.”


That didn’t do the trick and Hernandez continued, claiming Williams is far harder on people of color than her white guests. “You should be nicer to us, you should respect us, you should give us our flowers while we’re here, and you should tell us how proud you are of what we’ve done in the streets,” said Hernandez. Of course, common wisdom is that such an affirmative tone would make for boring TV, something Hernandez clearly understands implicitly when she shows up for a talk show appearance yelling.

Finally, after more requests for flowers, Williams picked some up that were sitting next to her and threw them at the camera. That’s what you call a money shot.

The interview actually cooled down after that. Hernandez did end up showing her shoes! Amazing what a tossed flower can do! They discussed Hernandez’s outfit, her plans to get married on television, and her desire for another child.

Another funny moment occurred when, while wrapping up, Williams commented on Hernandez’s “unique” way of delivering her message and Hernandez countered, “Not more unique than the one you do!” In response, Williams said, “Well, that’s why I have the No. 1 show and you can be No. 2.”

Joseline Hernandez on Wendy Williams

Neither Williams nor Hernandez have the No. 1 or No. 2 shows on television, but nonetheless: good one!