Jon Stewart To McCain Advisor Nancy Pfotenhauer: "What The Pfuck?!"

We've taken issue with plasticized McCain spokeswench Nancy Pfotenhauer's condescending moue before, but now she's gone and pissed off Jon Stewart. You see, just like Governor Palin, Nancy is trying to separate the "real America" from the rest of us brie-eatin' baby-killin' Satanists. "Northern Virginia has gone more democratic," Pfotenhauer said last week, "but the rest of the state, real Virginia, if you will, I think will be very responsive to Senator McCain's message." To which Jon declares, "This Virginia is NOT for lovers!" Clip above.
Earlier: Dear Nancy Pfotenhauer: Please Wipe That Smile Right Off Of Your FacePfriend or Pfoe? [The Daily Show]

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labeled: crazy aunt kanye

Heh, as a resident of the realest-of-the-real state of Texas, I can smell fear when I see it. I've recently started to wear my heart/vote on my sleeve, and LOVE how many interesting GO OBAMA conversations I've had with total strangers lately. My fave so far - an elderly woman (hard to guess her age, but she has a granddaughter who's in her 2nd yr of college) who "considered myself a Democrat, but voted Republican" and is tired of being told the Republican vote is the Christian vote, because that's "not Christian, OR American!"

Also, Jessica, bonus pts. for using "moue." I love that word.