Jon Stewart Says Hide Your Poultry: Palin's Back In Town

"She's aliiiiiive!" Jon Stewart yelps at footage of Sarah Palin in the lower 48. As previously noted, Palin was in Georgia earlier this week, helping to get Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss reelected in a runoff. Jon refers to Sarah as the "GOP's BFD" and adds that Palin apparently "loves everything in Alaska but being there." Unfortunately, Democrat Jim Martin's biggest celebrity supporter was Ludacris, and somehow the man who wrote the lyrics, "Can't turn a ho into a housewife/ Hos don't act right," was not as effective as a couple of well-placed "You betchas": Chambliss won reelection by a wide margin. Clip above.


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Little Green Frog

I don't know why pundits are making a big deal of Chambliss winning. McCain won Georgia, so it makes sense that Chambliss won the runoff (he took more votes Nov. 4 as well). Now if Obama had won GA, THEN that would have been a big deal.