Jon Stewart Gives a Warm Welcome to His New Advertisers: The Koch Bros

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The Koch brothers—the duo of darth vaders whose shady corporation, Koch Industries, is so IRL nefarious their biography could be a plotline from a Nicholas Cage movie—have been using their endless coffers of money to gobble up ad time on The Daily Show. Yes, The Daily Show. With Jon Stewart.

After showing the full ad on-air, Stewart offers his theories as to why the country's arguably most powerful far-right-wing network of corporations would try to target the Daily Show's presumably trenchantly progressive audience. "Clearly, the Koch brothers are trying to say to our audience of not yet dying-off voters: Even though you may have heard certain things about the Koch brothers, how bad could they be? I mean, if they were evil, would a baby agree to appear in one of their advertisements?"

Then Stewart flipped Koch's initial ad, which featured a litany of diverse, employed shiny happy people, and basically fact-checked it, showing what a real, honest, true-to-life Koch advert would say. "If there's a way to monetize your thoughts," it goes, "we'll find it. All while backing 17 shadow organizations to buy elections from Pennsylvania Avenue to Main Street!" Touché, Daily Show.


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If Stewart was as smart as the Kochs, he would be a billionaire.

He's not, though.