Jon Stewart Asks CNN's Campbell Brown, "What IS Your Bias Against Bull?"

We've been fangirls of Campbell Brown since she accused the McCain campaign of sexism for treating Palin like a "delicate flower," and we heartily enjoyed her appearance last night on the Daily Show. Brown talked about her show, No Bias, No Bull, being pregnant with baby number 2, and her throwdown with McCain spokesman/Megan's hate-fuck fantasy Tucker Bounds. If you'll recall, after Brown's confrontational interview with Bounds, McCain canceled an appearance with her CNN colleague Larry King as punishment. Bounds wasn't answering Brown's questions, and Brown was incensed. "It's a waste of my time, it's a waste of the audience's time, and I just don't want to hear it." Preach! Clip above, and some exciting news, after the jump.Here's the news: Barack Obama will be on the Daily Show tomorrow night!! According to the Comedy Central website, "We just got word that the studio is in full lock down mode. After all, Jon barely escaped his previous interview with this tax-and-spend terrorist of the center-left alive." Wheee! Campbell Brown [The Daily Show] Barack Obama To Appear On The Daily Show Wednesday Earlier: Campbell Brown Turns McCain's Accusation Of Sexism On Its Head Related: CNN, John McCain's Camp At Odds Following Confrontational Campbell Brown Interview [LAT]

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A Small Turnip

I'm still nattering on, because I'm feeling typey today:

I really hope Brown's show does well. And that's not just because I think she's foxy and adorable. Althought that's definitely part of it.

It's because this weekend I downloaded an old podcast interview with Jon Stewart on Fresh Air from July 22, 2005. It was great, and funny and all you'd expect from a Stewart convo. But what really got me thinking was an extended segment in which Stewart talked about the inability of the US media to stand up to political pundits. He was totally eloquent about his despair that journalists might never be able to challenge spokespeople without being accused of being in the tank for one political party or the other.

And so when Brown talked about her hope that she would be able to actually make a judgment call, I knew that it was a moment of real delight for The Stew. And that makes ME happy.

Seriously, if you're a Stewart lover, have a listen to that interview. It's on iTunes, and it's worth every penny. Especially today.