Jon & Kate Plus 8 Returns, Minus 1

Last night, Jon & Kate Plus 8 returned with two new episodes after the Gosselins' breakup caused an unplanned hiatus. Mainly, we saw Kate determined to make the best of single-motherhood, and didn't see much of Jon at all.

The first new episode featured Kate and the kids' infamous beach trip, which landed her — in a bikini — on the cover of all the celeb weeklies.

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At the time of these particular tabloid stories, we were made to believe that Kate cruelly yanked the kids out of school to get away from Jon and frolic at the beach with her bodyguard boyfriend. (The bodyguard wasn't in the episode at all, although there was mention of "security" in regards to paparazzi.) What really happened is that the Gosselins were offered a free kitchen remodeling, and Kate and the kids went to the beach for two weeks while the family was without a sink, dishwasher, stove, and refrigerator. Jon stayed behind to oversee the project. (And also because he and Kate don't really like each other.)

On the second new episode, Kate took the kids on their annual camping trip in the backyard, and had to put together a tent, which had previously been Jon's job. If anything good is going to come out of the couple's broken marriage, it might be the example she's setting for her five girls that women can do anything. It seems that her daughters had previously thought—much like Kate—that tent building was a man's job.

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My little sister has long been a devotee of this show and I've seen bits and pieces here and there. I have to say that Kate can come off as bossy/pushy; however, at this point I think it's completely ludicrous that anyone would still try to paint her as the bad guy in this situation.

Her (soon-to-be) ex-husband is an infantile troll who left her alone with 8 kids so that he could go cavorting around with 20-somethings who are CLEARLY using him for the 5 minutes of fame because why else would a 22-year-old date a balding father of 8 who acts like a toddler in interviews?

If one thing is for sure, I think it's that it was clearly a bad call for the Gosselins to let TLC turn their lives into a reality show. That being said and done, I think Kate is the one who should be applauded for acting like a grown-up in the situation and it really makes me mad that she's been portrayed as some kind of domineering she-devil by the media but John's adolescent, self-centered behavior gets a pass because no one sees a problem with a man in his 30's acting like such a damn donkey.