Jon & Kate Plus 8: Jon Prefers 2 Phones Over 8 Kids

On last night's penultimate episode of JKP8, TLC aired never-before-seen footage of "stories…interrupted by the events of this summer," i.e., the Gosselins' breakup and Jon's breach of contract with TLC. Obviously, this footage doesn't paint him in a good light.

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The previous clip showed the Gosselins in February applying for passports for a trip to South Korea that was supposed to be kept secret, due to the increasing presence of paparazzi. Jon, however, decided that he didn't want to go on the trip—most likely because he didn't want to spend time with Kate—and also decided that he wouldn't allow his children to go on the trip either. Instead, he got his new passport and went to the south of France with his 22-year-old girlfriend to hang out on a yacht with the Ed Hardy guy.

This screen appeared at the beginning of the episode to let the viewers know what they were in for.

Probably the most disturbing footage was this clip, shot over the summer, after the Gosselins had separated and figured out a custody agreement. Jon is shown several times ignoring his children while he texts on talks on two different phones at the same time, and walks over to the edge of his property to greet fans and paparazzi.

The only real comic relief in this episode was this woman, who had shown up for one of Kate's book signings. She idolizes Kate, and had her hair cut in the same style.

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I can't say I blame him. I prefer almost anything over 8 kids. I'd take a root canal, mono, food 2 phones? heck yeah!