Jon & Kate Plus 8 Finale: A 32-Year-Old Father Considers Growing Up

On last night's series finale, Jon Gosselin explained that when his marriage fell apart, he "felt like [he] was free," and talked about how cool it is living in NYC. In her interview, Kate Gosselin questioned her estranged husband's intentions.

Jon almost seemed manic. And for all his talk about making changes, growing up, and being a the best father he can be, he sounded like a first-semester NYU student.

Jon also talked about how he has to work on his relationship with Hailey. Kate said that the kids don't know about "girlfriends." Speaking specifically about Hailey, Kate said, "I don't envision a future there involving my kids…at all."

During one of his custody visits, Jon planned on setting up a lemonade stand with the kids to raise money for the local fire department. He wouldn't allow the twins (the two older girls) to participate, because one of them had made a remark about how she prefers doing things with her mother. Later, at the lemonade stand, Jon wore a shirt that read, "Lies, Lies, Lies," while he sold the drinks to paparazzi.

Kate gives her final thoughts on the series coming to an end, and how she never intended for Jon to not be in "the driver's seat."

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Yes, it's fun to be young and free, discovering yourself, and living it up in NYC....but these are things you think about BEFORE you commit to a completely different life. Because, you know, other people are making plans for their lives based on the promises you made.

I am so sick of this attitude in guys this age. And their idea that we are supposed to be cheering for them because of how much FUN! they're having.