Jon Gosselin: Abused Husband Or Petulant Manchild?

In an exclusive interview for Primetime—airing September 8—Jon Gosselin opens up about his divorce from Kate, alleging she abused him by leaving him with the children while she traveled for work. What he calls "abuse," we call "parenting."

"She'll call me like, almost like a lame fish. Like I wasn't going anywhere. I took a lot of abuse from her. I was put down," Jon says of Kate. He seems bitter about the fact that he had to stay at home with the children while Kate traveled on book tours, and admits he was jealous of things she was doing like "lobster dinners, steak dinners." (Surely there is some kind of restaurant in Pennsylvania with a surf 'n turf option.)

Interestingly, Jon's predicament is similar to the housewives profiled in The Feminine Mystique: married too young, defined by spouse and children, and lacks own identity. The difference, however, is that most adults going through a rough patch in search of personal fulfillment don't look for it at the bottom of a bottle of expensive champagne on a yacht on the Riviera, in the pants of a 22-year-old family friend, or in a two-seater sportscar.

Basically, his tears of abuse don't hold much water, because his "self-discovery" just comes off as selfish.


Also in the interview, Jon will go into detail on the following topics:

His relationship with 22-year-old Hailey Glassman. Jon says:

What began as friendship has grown into something more. I know that my decision to appear publicly with Hailey this weekend will be scrutinized, but I hope that people can see I'm a regular guy who is going through a very difficult time in life and wants to move forward.

The rumors about Kate's affair with the bodyguard. The bodyguard was "definitely something that was discussed in the home."

Jon says the show did play a role in the Gosselins' break up.

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fluxus flucker

Passive Aggressive Abusive Man Child who was married to A Verbally Abusive Type A Woman who had the "criminal" gall to be a working mom (even if said work was in the form of book tours and exploiting her children in a reality show along with said man-child). UGh!

The poor kids.

And who the hell wants to party with this guy?

He's a washed-up, whining, stupidly dressed, fame-whoring, 30yr old*, irresponsible father of 8: what a catch!

*30 is not bad thing. Hell, I'm 30. But, guess what? I've got most of my shit together and I'm a responsible, sensible parent.