Johnson & Johnson Still Hates Women With Heavier Than Normal Periods

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Last year the internet was in an uproar because Johnson & Johnson discontinued OB Ultra Absorbency tampons. By internet, I mean women's sites, of course. Like Dodai Stewart and many other women, I came to rely on OB Ultras because of my heavy period. They were the only tampons that I didn't have to change every hour on the hour. I never had an "oops I sneezed & sprung a leak" moment with OB Ultras, as I'm ALWAYS having with this other brand I've been stuck with since they were discontinued. Seriously, I've been so terrified to travel while I'm on my period that I actually schedule my trips around my period. No one wants to sit on a Virgin American flight and stain a seat because their Tampax fucking Pearl tampon failed them! Yes, that actually has happened.


Johnson & Johnson never offered any explanation as to why the OB Ultras were discontinued. Women all across the internet sent emails asking for explanations. People were hocking boxes of OB Ultras on Amazon for $200 a box, yes people, heavy periods are that serious. There's even a site dedicated to getting the OB Ultras back on the market. was a little more on the conspiracy side of things. They felt as though the OB Ultras were removed from the market in other for big pharma to properly push their Lysteda pills to women with heavy periods. The site states:

There is more money to be made by the Pharmaceutical companies if we switch to controlling when and how long we bleed. Did they think we would be okay with paying for the more expensive medication every month too? They want us to forget about the solution we have relied on for years. They think if they pull the higher absorbancy tampons off the shelves and offer Lysteda at six pills a day, (for up to 5 days) they they will be better off, - but not us. We are more concerned with our health and minimal side effects to our bodies and the environment.

Well, guess what? OB ULTRA ABSORBENCY tampons are back on the market! I happened walk down the feminine products aisle at Harris Teeter in Columbia, MD and spotted these!

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WOO HOO!! Hooray.


Not really.

You see….OB Ultras are back. But. They're not the SAME ABSORBENCY!

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Once upon a time in OB Ultra tampon world, the absorbency was 18-23mg, but now they're a measly 15-18mg, just like every other ultra tampon on the market.

Now both levels are the same.

You can now refer to me as a OB Ultra tampon aficionado. I know my tampons, and this is still a travesty. I'm pretty sure most women won't even realize the difference, but I did. The tampon formerly known as OB Ultras have now been manifested into some lesser tampon to appease consumers. Johnson & Johnson still hasn't given any explanation as to why the tampons were discontinued in the first place or why they've been brought back at a lower absorbency.


In any event, I guess I'm still left to suffer with my heavier than normal periods and make trips to the restroom to change a tampon every hour thanks to Tampax Pearl. You know, I even went as far as trying birth control pills just to lessen my flow… Those just turned me into a mad woman. And please, don't tell me to try to use one of those cup things. Been there, done that, and the cup spilleth over.

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Do you think the lower absorbency has anything to do with TSS possibilities?

I've switched to a menstrual cup about a year ago. First the Diva Cup, and now the Lunette. There were a couple of months of fumbling involved, but now I love it and won't go back to tampons. No more dry vaginas! No more "treats" for my dog to root out of the trash! All these are good things.

I have a moderate period and can get by emptying it every 12 hours. I would imagine for a heavy period it would buy you at least 4 hours?

Ladies? Any advice?