John Waters Remade Pink Flamingos...With Kids!

Pink Flamingos is arguably one of the dirtiest movies ever, so remaking it with kids is more than just a bold move, but John Waters was up for the challenge: He censored the movie and shot it with adorable munchkins doing (some of) the dirty things Divine and company did in the original.

Waters, who made the film as a conceptual art piece for an upcoming show at New York City's Marianne Boesky Gallery says that he had to be "become his own worst enemy" in order to make the film the reality. He did say, however, that some of the gross-out moments remain in Kiddie Flamingos. He also says the kids, who are children of friends, loved making it. "But they don't understand the perversity," he said. "That's a secret only my perverted audience and myself have."

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