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John McCain Will Pimp Cindy For Your Vote

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John McCain went stumping at the famous Sturgis Biker Rally in South Dakota, putting his candidacy before the most discriminating of political consumers — bikers. When he failed to wow them with his "drill here and drill now" energy plan, or his tax plan or his plan to be out of Iraq for sure by 2013, he tried a different strategy. He suggested to Cindy and the audience that she should compete in the Miss Buffalo Chip contest. What's so bad about that?Miss Buffalo Chip isn't a beauty contest in the traditional sense — it's a relatively debauched topless (and sometimes bottomless) multiday contest where women dance, jiggle and reportedly even perform blow jobs on bananas for the titillation of the spectators. And John McCain offered up his 54-year-old wife as a contestant. And, let be frank, he didn't do it just because she's pretty or has an enviable body for a 54-year-old woman or because he's proud of his wife's brand of socialite beauty. He did it to pander to the crowd's idea of appropriate masculinity, and that apparently includes over-sexualizing your wife and the mother of your children for the amusement of a few people in a crowd. McCain offered up the thought of his wife objectifying herself for the sexual gratification of others (at his suggestion) in order to get a couple of chuckles, inspire some male fantasy and make a few "friends." Fun! And you might say that John McCain didn't think of it as an objectification ritual, or that he didn't know that it involved nudity and displays of stimulated sex acts or whatever. Well, then, why wasn't he offering to get his very pretty daughter Meghan up on stage? Suggesting a 24-year-old woman participate in a just-a-beauty pageant wouldn't be so outside the the norm, if he thought it would be just a beauty pageant. But he knew that it wasn't, and he doesn't think of his daughter in that way and wouldn't in a million years as a father suggest or even intimate that his daughter should get on stage and flash her breasts, ass and (potentially) her external genitalia at a group of strange men for admiration, money or votes. But what does it say that he would suggest it of his wife? I think it's another piece of gravel in a growing mountain of evidence that John McCain doesn't think a lot about women, their place as equals in society or their rights in that society. But he does seem to think a lot about us as sexual beings — or, at least, sexual objects. McCain Makes The Rounds At A Biker Rally [CNN] Obama, in New Stand, Proposes Use of Oil Reserve [NY Times] Tax Plans And The Single Girl [Glamocracy] McCain, 2013 and the End of the War on Terror [AC360] Topless in Sturgis [Politico] Getting An Eyeful In Biker Heaven [ESPN] Sexist McCain Moment of the Day [Feministing] What John McCain's Jokes Say About His View Of Women [Glamocracy]


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Dances with Peeps

Cindy really must hate herself. She dated a married man. Married him after he divorced his disabled wife. Had children with him. Then he calls her a cunt and a trollop in public. Now, he offers her up as little more than a blow-up doll for the amusement of absolute scum, and she puts up with it.

She obviously doesn't need him financially. I wonder how her father treated her growing up.

Obviously, McCain considers her a whore, probably because she was his mistress before they were married.

May they rot together.