Nerve contributor and freelance writer Steve Almond is asking whether McCain's real problem this election season is his startling misogyny โ€” and whether Sarah Palin's nomination wasn't part and parcel of that. It's an interesting question, given McCain's lack of support for reproductive rights, pay equity legislation, women in the military, sex education and contraceptive access. But if that wasn't enough for you, Mr. Almond and I have plenty more for you after the jump.Almond argues โ€” as I have โ€” that McCain's supposed sense of humor is indicative of a larger problem with women. Who finds rape jokes funny, let alone what Presidential candidate is so tone-deaf that he things putting off answering a question with "And I stopped beating my wife just a couple of weeks ago..." is smart, funny or in good taste? Almond asks, and rightly so, whether Barack Obama could in a million years crack a joke about a woman enjoying being raped by a gorilla without a mainstream media uproar, as opposed to the shoulder-shrug that McCain got. And the answer, we all have to concede, is no โ€” and not just because of his age. But Almond's got other evidence, garnered from that scathing Rolling Stone profile of a few weeks ago, which detailed how a younger McCain cursed out two women that didn't appreciate being hollered, his profligate adultery, and how he lived with his wife for months before taking out a marriage license to marry Cindy โ€” which, naturally, occurred before McCain divorced his first wife. There is, of course, the obligatory mention of when McCain called his wife a "cunt" in front of reporters and the joke about a teenaged Chelsea Clinton being ugly (daughter Meghan would have been just reaching puberty herself at the time). All in all, it's not an unknown record, but it's not a pretty one. Steve goes a step further, though, and asks us to view the Palin nomination in context of McCain's many infidelities, misogynist jokes and ugly temper. He'd like us to have another look at the interview with Katie Couric where John McCain interrupts Sarah Palin and Katie Couric and talks over them about Pakistan and "gotcha" journalism, as well as the way he and his staff have attempted to shield Governor Palin from the press and keep her from answering tough questions and then ask ourselves: does John McCain respect Sarah Palin? Does he respect women voters (let alone male voters) with this choice? Would he have picked her if she looked like the much-maligned Janet Reno? I think those are all legitimate questions, and I'd add one more. When you're hugging a work colleague โ€” if you tend to hug work colleagues โ€” how many times do they wrap their arms fully around you if you're just grabbing their shoulders before you start to get freaked out? McNasty? [Nerve] Related: What John McCain's Jokes Say About His View Of Women [Glamocracy] Make-Believe Maverick [Rolling Stone]