John McCain Puts Women's Health Where It Belongs: In Derisive Air Quotes!

On last night's Daily Show, Sam Bee took on John McCain's use of air quotes — or, in the parlance of Jon Stewart, "dick fingers" — when talking about women's health at the final presidential debate. We're all just looking for a golden ticket to the abortion factory, dontcha know! And as Bee says, we're willing to go to extreme measures to get there: severe uterine infections, dying, etc. etc. If McCain had a baby growing in his penis as a result of a rape, Bee argues, "he would want it publicly discussed at the same level of abstraction, without concern for his specific 'life' or 'penis.'" She adds, "People can disagree about abortion, but still agree about the unimportance of women's health." Oy. Clip above.


Erin Gloria Ryan

I have this theory that people become republicans nowadays because they have severe, severe issues/anger.