John McCain Goes Through A Gauntlet Of Tough Broads On The View

People are always dismissing The View as just a bunch of yammering biddies. First of all, to assume that a group of women sitting around the table wouldn't have conversations that hold any weight or substance is ridiculous. The debates they have are important because the ideas expressed represent a cross section of American opinion. Today the ladies interviewed John McCain, and it was arguably some of the toughest grilling he's faced so far. Barbara called bullshit on his assertion that Sarah Palin is the "greatest" vice presidential candidate in history, and pressed him for specifics on how she will reform the government. Joy told him that she hopes "old John McCain" will come back if he's elected and the GOP doesn't have him "by the short hairs." Whoopi grilled him on the separation of church and state. But most surprising was that his biggest cheerleader, Elisabeth, wanted answers on his policy concerning Roe v. Wade. Clip above.


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