John Galliano was born Juan Carlos Antonio Galliano in 1960 to a Gibraltan father and Spanish mother. He moved from Gibraltar to London as a child and graduated from prestigious St. Martin's School Of Arts in 1984. In the 90s, Galliano became the first Brit to head a French couture line when he was hired to design for Givenchy. In '96 he moved to Christian Dior, and the rest is history: Dior's sales took off. Since then he has created over-the-top fantastical designs, like his Cleopatra-On-Solid Gold collection in 2004; demented desperate housewives in 2001, clinically insane queens in 2004, the spattered blood of the French Revolution in 2006. Today, in Paris, his couture collection seemed to be inspired by retro Hollywood harlots: Sheer lingerie looks, animal print, Marlene Dietrich hats and suit jackets (sometimes without sleeves) and slinky, bias-cut silver screen goddess gowns. Think L.A. Confidential meets The Blue Angel. Gallery below. (Images via Getty.)