John Edwards, Ted Stevens And Everyone Else Are Hypocrites

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If the National Enquirer weren't relentless hyping its as-yet pictureless story about John Edwards' baby, we could just spend the whole morning talking about Republican hypocrisy, the new poster child for which is Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens. Good old Interwebs Ted was indicted on corruption charges, so we talk about that, his ass-grabbing Alaskan colleague (hint: it isn't Senator Lisa Murkowski), Olympic-sanctioned censorship, late apologies, Al Sharpton on the importance of admitting one's mistakes, and John Edwards' hush money that isn't hushing everything. God, it's like everyone's a hypocrite but me and Moe, and that might just be because nobody knows yet.MOE: Ohhhhh mann, I'm still like on Seattle time or something MEGAN: I'm on "got home at midnight after an 8 hour drive" fog. MOE: What should we talk about? Yikes! MEGAN: Oh, see, I was going to suggest that we talk about how Alaskan Republican Senator Ted "Series of Tubes" Stevens was indicted on 7 counts yesterday, but fetish hookers is way more prurient. Also, rumors around the courts here in D.C. is that touchy-feely ass-grabbing Congressman Don Young is next. Actually, that's just been the rumor for a while, but doesn't it sound cooler when I semi-source it? MOE: Isn't just the fact that Alaska has two senators corruption in itself? MEGAN: Well, they do have a whole 100,000 more people than Washington, DC, so of course they deserve 2 Senators and a Congressman and D.C. shouldn't get either. Geek moment: Did you know that there are more people in Hawai'i than Alaska? Like, almost twice as many. MOE: Yes. Does that surprise you? Any more than, like, this? Oh god I need coffee. MEGAN: Back to Stevens, the most hilarious thing of all is that they couldn't charge him with bribery because sometimes he just took the lavish gifts from Veco and told them to fuck off! It's sort of like how Congressmen and Senators feel about campaign contributions only flashier (now including a Land Rover and a Viking Grill!). As a white resident of upstate New York, I particularly like this statement of Sharpton's:

"We have all made mistakes. We have all erred, and we ought not try to sugar coat when we err."


Oh, really, Al? MOE: The Ted Stevens thing reminds me of when I used to cover Nike for the Journal, and the guys from SLAM just couldn't figure out why I wasn't allowed to take free shoes. "Sure, it's bribery, but when EVERYONE bribes you you're still objective!" MEGAN: "As long as you 'slam' them later," right? (Apologies for the bad but necessary pun).Speaking of apologies... MOE: Jesus this totally makes the AMA's timing look COMPLETELY NORMAL!

In February, the Senate apologized for atrocities committed against Native Americans, and the body apologized in 2005 for standing by during a lynching campaign against African Americans throughout much of the past century. Twenty years ago, Congress apologized for interning Japanese Americans in concentration camps during World War II.

MEGAN: Well, you know, they're really, really worried about reparations. That's, like, a completely legitimate concern. MOE: As I'm sure is the fact that there is a lot in those Jim Crow laws some Americans still would like to resurrect! Sorry, that's a year old, but I didn't remember it until today. MEGAN: Luckily for Jonah and at the behest of plenty of Republican state governments, states are passing government-ID laws to make it more difficult for people to vote, especially poor people. You heard, right, that the first people fucked over by that law were a bunch of nuns and students? But it was the Democratic primary, so that was the intention, anyway, to keep Democrats from voting, so hooray Indiana for designing a law that actually works as it was intended. Sort of hooray. More like, um, FUCK YOU Mitch Daniels. Cialis was marketed under his tenure at Lilly, by the way. You knew he was a pharmaceutical company exec before he was OMB Director before he was Governor of Indiana, right? MOE: Uh no but doesn't that just make this world make a little more sense! That and this guy. Um I just blew some of my literacy reading this. Also, is it just me or is it surprising that nuns of all people would not have their IDs ready? I know they probably don't get carded too often, but isn't it in the nun personality type? MEGAN: But why would they need an ID? And, yes, OMG, can we please, please, please stop dumbing Michelle Obama down so that people think she's more like them? Please? It makes my brain hurty. Oh, and did you see that the International Olympics Committee negotiated a secret deal with the Chinese to limit journalists' internet access? MOE: God everytime I think I know how full of shitheads the IOC is I am proved wrong. Who are these IOC officials anyway? Hey, maybe there's a job for Mitt Romney! MEGAN: Someone's got to give him on eventually if McCain won't. His hair is too bulletproof to retire. MOE: So $15,000 a month is Rielle Hunter's hush money . I feel like we should do a poll on how much you'd ask if you'd been knocked up by a filthy rich presidential candidate. I think fifteen grand is good, because there's not a whole lot an unimaginative person like myself can't do on that money, but it's not so disgusting people will question her genuine love for the bastard. But hey, where's the "real father" Andrew Young in all of this? MEGAN:Apparently, getting paid off by the same middleman! That's $180,000 a year, or, if it continues at the same rate, $3.24 million over the next 18, not including tuition. I don't think I'll make $3 million in the next 18 years. Also, can we just discuss how exactly the Enquirer knew that Rielle was in the hotel, whose name she checked in under and when Edwards would show? Because between that and the news that she's negotiating a paid interview, I don't think the "hush" part of the money is working.


MadameO asks - WWOD?

@Russell's old room: There has been little evidence of voter fraud from not having a valid ID. There has been plenty of OTHER kinds of voter fraud, say in Ohio and Florida but where is the sudden move to change Diebold voting machines or to make sure that the chairman of a politcal party is not in charge of overseeing the election, a la Katherine Harris?

When you go vote, there ARE poll watchers, checkers and they ask you some information about your address usually. Unless you are impersonating your family member or well-known neighbor, you are probably not going to get very far by saying 'Hi, I'm Jane Doe". Here in Maine we have been trying to block the "Real" ID law, as it ends up disenfranchising people, more of whom are democrats. However, the Federal Government has gotten involved in the whole thing, threatening to withhold fed $$$ if states do not comply. Also, this is part of everyone having a valid passport - with handy GPS chip imbedded! - so that the Feds, INS can track you no matter what. Remember when your SS # was only supposed to be for SS biz and nothing else, BY LAW? Bar code tatoos, my friends, they r coming soon.