Jogger Finds Missing Baby Strapped in Car Seat

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A jogger in Houston discovered a missing eight-month-old baby crying in the grass, still strapped in her car seat.


Genesis Haley was the center of an Amber Alert in Texas on Sunday night, when the car she was in was stolen. Via USA Today:

According to the police, the baby was in her mother's car at a Texaco gas station when the car was stolen. The mother told police she left the child in the car while she went into the station to pay for gas. While she was in the store, she looked outside and saw the car driving away.

A short time later, police found the car abandoned. The vehicle's plates were missing, and items from the car were dumped in a nearby grassy area. The baby and her car seat were missing.

A jogger magic super lady named Hong Nguyen called police after she heard crying coming from the grass around 8 a.m. Police on the scene described what they found to KHOU:

"In the bushes, I was able to see the car seat and saw the baby inside. She started moving and crying," HPD Officer Albert Pizana said. "I grabbed the car seat and carried her into the open so I could see if there were any visible injuries. I did see what appeared to be ant bites and a few ants on her, but I was able to get them off. Once I saw that she was moving and appeared okay, I took her out of the car seat, held her, and just tried to console her."

Pizana said he used his uniform to swaddle the baby, to help keep her calm. OMG AND NOW I AM CRYING.

"Once inside the patrol vehicle, she was still fussy. Being a father, I know sometimes babies like to be swaddled. Since I didn't have a blanket, I decided to use my uniform shirt and that calmed her down," Pizana said.


Police think the suspect who stole the car was trying to hide her in the grass which just seems awful. Genesis was taken to a local hospital for an evaluation (she's fine!) and then released to her mother, who has probably been through every gut-wrenching emotion ever in the past 48 hours.

Holy shit. Can you imagine what might have happened if this woman hadn't heard the baby's cries? WAIT NO NO NO on second thought, let's not imagine that at all. Let's just focus on all the happiness of this baby girl being found and returned to her family. Also puppies. Puppies are good.


Image via KHOU.



Trying to hide the baby :( They didn't even keep the car, why didn't they just get out and leave the baby in the car where she would be safe and found faster? Hiding her in the grass? Terrible.