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Joel McHale Is Jennifer Lawrence's Pervy (and Hilarious) Archery Instructor

Hey, let's take a walk down memory lane and look back at one of the best moments from this past Sunday's MTV Movie Awards. Remember that night? How young we were with our neon nail polish, cut-off shorts and thrilled shrieks as Russell Brand took the stage? Of course you do! We felt so full of possibility in those days, like we could accomplish anything. Now it's all 401K this and my damn kids that, but not then, not that night when we were so perfect and full of youth.


Here's one of the evening's magical highlights (like you could forget): a short sketch featuring Jennifer Lawrence, J.J. Abrams and, as the worst archery instructor of all time, the ever-handsome Joel McHale. Breathe it in — it's almost like we're there again.

Joel McHale Is The Best Worst Archery Teacher Ever [MTV]

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Shiny Chrome Witnessedbot

Why did no one tell me in advance that watching the MTV Movie awards would have been worth my time? I lost interest in them over a decade ago. If I had known they were actually worth it again, I could have gotten sooooooo much knitting done while chilling in front of the TV on Sunday. Keep me updated on these things, people!