It's a little "To Catch A Predator" of us, we know, but in these oversexed overexhibitionist reality TV clogged times a good sexual harrassment lawsuit can be almost arousing. Because while we're not exactly opposed to workplace fucking or sexual innuendo in the office (a little innendo could actually liven up a certain home office, come to think of it..) it is still viscerally satisfying to see a bad boss, particularly one of those thirtysomething Misogynist Asshole School of Management types, have his most idiotic musings and actions rendered in black and white legalese for all the internerds to see. AND SO, 'Girls Gone Wild' founder and worst person in the universe Joe Francis + recently filed sexual harrassment suit = lunchtime blogpost gold, right? Er.

On numerous occasions, Defendant Ron purposely conversed about the topic of sex in front of NAMED PLAINTIFF


On numerous occasions, Defendant Ron stated to named plaintiff, "You look nice, can I call you?"

Oh, there's more, but it's about as exciting as that. The lady doesn't even know Ron's real name. Was she drunk while he was making these lascivious advances? We might have to dig up some gems from the Dov Charney lawsuits just to counteract the blueballs.


Joe Francis Sued In Sexual Harrassment Case [LA Times]