Joe Francis was on Tyra yesterday to discuss his 11-month stint in jail. (He claims he was a political prisoner, and likened himself to Nelson Mandela.) He also talked about a lot of other things, namely, his famous friends. I kinda like the new Joe Francis. At this point, he's so rich, and he's already been to jail, so he doesn't give a fuck about anything anymore. Tyra ran through a list of famous women he's dated (Paris Hilton, Tara Reid), and when she got to Lindsay Lohan. Francis refused to say that he dated her. Then he went off on a tangent about how Lindsay is not gay, she's just being controlled by Sam Ronson, and that Sam tried to start shit with him because she's jealous. Also, Tyra had the balls to tell Joe Francis that he looks like Jon Lovitz. LOL! Clip above. Comparison after the jump.