Joe Biden's Awkward And Unsolicited Dating Advice For Girls

Illustration for article titled Joe Bidens Awkward And Unsolicited Dating Advice For Girls

While meeting new senators' families yesterday, Joe Biden told one girl, "Just remember, no dates 'til you're 30." This got an uncomfortable chuckle, so he repeated it to every young woman. Eventually, he switched to, "Hey, how old are you?"

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Aww, Joey's just a bit of a bumbler. A friend of my roommate's — my roomie works in politics and worked for Biden in 2008 — was telling us a story last night about how she was working at a television network and covering an event in Delaware where they'd be interviewing him. She'd been at work since 5:45 a.m., and couldn't stop yawning which Biden noticed. He asked her if he was boring her (he was waiting to go out on the floor and make a speech and then come back and be interviewed) and she, fearing she insulted him, just said that she hadn't had her coffee yet that morning (she doesn't drink coffee).

He gave his speech and came back to be interviewed. Right before he went on camera he whispered something to his chief of staff. After the interview was over the chief of staff appeared holding a University of Delaware mug filled with black coffee. She took it, stunned, and saw Biden smiling at her. "Wouldn't want you to fall asleep on the job," he said and walked out of the room, leaving her there kind of staring at this coffee and not knowing what to do because, you know, she doesn't drink coffee.

And then all of a sudden she heard this scurrying of feet and turned around to see Biden rushing back at her. "I'm sorry," he said, "I didn't even ask if you wanted cream or sugar!"

I mean, seriously, how can you not just adore him?