Joan Rivers Walks Out On CNN Interview, Claims She’s Not Mean

If Joan Rivers is simply drumming up attention for her new book, she's doing a damn fine job at it. On the heels of the "tranny" slur she tossed in Michelle Obama's direction, she appeared on CNN with Fredricka Whitfield to discuss her book—only to storm off set within a couple minutes.


To be honest this interview is one of the more harmless television appearances Joan River has made: no Holocaust jokes, no homophobic remarks, no racism. Also, who the hell asks Joan Rivers if she thinks there are boundaries with humor? That just seems like a dumb question to ask the comedienne who has been blowing up boundaries since she hit the circuit.

Rivers' claim that she's not mean and is simply telling the truth on Fashion Police is plain bullshit (because her truth is inherently mean) and we all know it. Still, for someone who made shitstirring her career, she doesn't seem to be able to handle it very well when someone tries to address it. So I guess if we had to sit through and watch an entire segment of the Queen of Mean twisting her outdated humor into something meaningful, then she probably did us a favor by walking out.

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