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Joan Rivers Busts Out the Tired 'Adele Is Fat' Shtick

Here's Joan Rivers calling a Adele a cow, or whatever. The thing is, Joan Rivers is a rare bird, and she's worked her way up the ranks like a motherfucking Terminator. She didn't get where she is by giving out Girl Scout cookies and telling everyone they're pretty. The other thing is, she mocks her own appearance, so she thinks it's okay to think and talk about herself and others in really hateful ways. It's her act, I get it, and it can be super funny. But here's one of many times it's overwrought, ugly, and worked to death. It's embarrassing to see/hear the audience and Letterman's reactions — the whole thing is just awkward as hell.


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Pope Alexander

The thing is — clearly Adele doesn't care, and if the worst thing anyone can say about her is that she's fat (something she doesn't seem to care about), then fuck it. You can't call her ugly, because she's gorgeous. You can't call her untalented or unfunny or unpopular.

It almost seems like people are uncomfortable with the fact that Adele can be so famous and successful and great without needing to have a big Weight Watchers Success Story, or break down crying on TV about her fatness.

And it's sad that people would feel intimidated/uncomfortable about that.

That's all I can really take away from this.