Jim Carrey Responds to Allegations that He's a Callous Baby-Abandoner

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As you might remember from this morning, Jenny McCarthy is claiming that ex-boyfriend Jim Carrey has abandoned her 10-year-old autistic son Evan after their break-up. "I tell [Evan] that, someday, [he and Carrey will] cross paths, meet again...but it's hard," McCarthy said. "He's been in therapy. It's a process, he's working on it." Now, Carrey has released a response, saying: "I will always do what I believe is in the best interest of Evan's well being. It's unfortunate that Evan's privacy is not being considered. I love Evan very much and will miss him always." Here's hoping they work this shit out. If you need me, I'll be over here trying to keep an open mind and suppress my instinct to roll my eyes at everything that Jenny "Whooping Cough for All" McCarthy says and does. [E!]

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Charlie Sheen speaks to Rolling Stone about his epic public meltdown, and it's pretty sad: "Clearly, a guy gets fired, his relationships are in the toilet, he's off on some fucking tour, there's nothing 'winning' about any of that. I mean, how does a guy who's obviously quicksanded, how does he consider any of it a victory? I was in total denial." [CNN]

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Saved by the Bell was "not a great show," says Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who also called the writing "hokey." When reached for comment, the entire earth replied, "CAN IT, PREPPY." [HuffPo]

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Apparently Daniel Tosh did some hee-haw-larious bit about Rob Dyrdek being a child-molestor, and Rob Dyrdek is not pumped. "The idea of having beef with @danieltosh is truly embarrassing," Dyrdek Tweeted, "...but now that beef is very real." Dyrdek hopes to settle his differences with Tosh "the old-fashioned way," a.k.a. GENTLEMEN'S FISTICUFFS. Oh please oh please oh please oh please oh please let this happen and let mini-horse be involved somehow. [TMZ]

  • Some idiot toddler with a radio show said that President Obama is making kids gay. "I see younger people that is turning out to be homosexuals…it's equal boy and girl both." Good language talking, shit-bigot! [Radar]
  • Demi Moore was in a good mood this one time. [E!]
  • Some sort of bandit made off with $200,000 worth of Axl Rose's golden necklaces and jewelz. A pity his hairdo and shitty personality have very little street value. [E!]
  • Madonna was seen gallivanting around Turkey with her 24-year-old boyfriend. Dude, what older-than-24-year-old person wants a 24-year-old boyfriend? I don't even want a 24-year-old boyfriend and I'm 23 years closer to 24 than Madonna. [Daily Mail]
  • Robert Pattinson said a bunch of patronizing shit to Adele, and regretted it: "I was saying, 'You know, you can really just like reach for it,' and she was like, 'You do realize I am like the biggest-selling female artist ever?'" [Vulture]
  • Winnie from the Wonder Years (who would like you to believe that she is actually an "actress" named Danica McKellar) is getting a divorce, OBVIOUSLY SO SHE CAN FINALLY MARRY KEVIN ARNOLD DUH. [TMZ]
  • Here's Kathy Griffin in a bikini, kissing a person. [Radar]
  • Rihanna got HELLA MAD at an Esquire reporter for asking her about Chris Brown: "I'm gonna look back on my life and say that I enjoyed it-and I lived it for me-and God. This is turning into a tacky interview. What do you really want to talk about? I'm not here to [talk] about messy shit." [E!]
  • I like Drew Barrymore. Am I supposed to not like Drew Barrymore? [Daily Mail]
  • Paris Jackson addresses her dad's whole weird blanket-face thingy, and makes you feel bad for making fun of it: "I was really confused. I didn't get why I was wearing a mask. I understand it now. My dad wanted us to be covered [because] he wanted us to have a childhood." (Actually calling the blanket-baby "Blanket": still weird.) [Us]

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i think she said feck

Just to help balance out the vaccination arguments:


I'm not against vaccination. It's important to know about the potential adverse side effects. So when we're talking about the "body count", the numbers for vaccinations are not actually "0". Vaccines haven't been proven to cause autism, no. But they have been shown to cause complications and even death elsewhere.

I will wait ten years and see what studies show about vaccines and autism. We know it is not a simple causal relationship, but that is all we know, based on current research. It is perhaps most prudent to say that the etiology is not straightforward and is multi-pronged. Genetics + environmental exposure to some toxin.