​Jim Carrey and Kate McKinnon Recreate Sia's "Chandelier" Music Video

Last night Jim Carrey hosted SNL with Iggy Azalea as a musical guest, and things probably went as expected. Jim Carrey made some funny faces and did some funny voices, Jeff Daniels showed up because they're promoting the sequel of that movie they made 20 years ago, and the digital short was probably the best part of the show because who doesn't love Matthew McConaughey impressions?


The most bonkers skit was probably "Halloween Party," where two employees (Carrey and McKinnon) accidentally show up in the same Halloween Costume—Maddie Ziegler in the nude onesie from Sia's "Chandelier" music video. Obviously they have to compete to see who really wore it better. And so (after some tired fat-shamey and "l.o.l. racism!" jokes) begins the sketch rife with every SNL gimmick including appearances from Lorne Michaels and the musical guest. I'm assuming someone pitched it as, "Hey, wouldn't it hilarious if we put Jim Carrey in that outfit from the Sia music video?" And enough people said yes.

One of the better sketches was probably "Ghost Chasers," based on one of those ghost hunting TV shows on A&E or SyFy. It starred newly promoted cast member Leslie Jones as the scientist and resident skeptic, who does not remain skeptical for very long.

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