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Teanne Harris was ready to get married and host a Halloween-themed reception, when her fiance suddenly called it off. Loath to let it all go to waste, Harris walked into a nearby retirement community and donated the entire bash. [NYDailyNews]


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This story just warmed my heart and immediately reminded me of another story.

I used to cook in a pub bistro and one Saturday night was asked to make up some hot food platters for a couple who were regulars at the weekly karaoke night and decided to have their engagement party there. Only one of the friends they had invited showed up.

At first I felt totally devestated for them. I would have been mortified if it had happened to me (although there is no way I would have had hosted a party at a karaoke night in a public bar, but this isn't about me, is it?!). However, by the time I was bringing out the third platter I realised that they were just sitting there, miserable and hoarding all of this food which was rapidly going stone cold.

I just couldn't understand why they didn't just try and make a good night of it by offering the food to the other karaoke regulars and asking them to share their evening with them.

Yeah, sometimes shitty things happen, our response to these things decides whether they get shittier or not. #weddings