Jillian Michaels on Leaving Biggest Loser: 'I Felt Ashamed'

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Former Biggest Loser yell-mentor Jillian Michaels has opened up about the reasons she left the show, and it's more or less exactly what you would expect.


Michaels told People that she and the producers had a few fundamental disagreements, one of which was the way she was portrayed in recent seasons. "In the beginning of the show it was tough love. You saw the tough, and you saw the love," she said. Recently, though, she thinks she was depicted as overly harsh: "You saw none of the relationships, none of the bonds that I build with my clients." Which, in her opinion, caused "millions of people [to] have this warped perception of me."

She also mentions the controversy last season after one contestant lost 60% of her body weight and later said that maybe she was "a little too enthusiastic in [her] training to get to the finale."


"I had to take a hard look at my work," Michaels said, re: that whole debacle. "I felt ashamed, and I came to the conclusion that moving forward, I need to be able to have an impact on the outcome of what I do." Ok then! Godspeed to everyone, I guess. [Daily Mail, People]

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Zayn from One Direction has had a public Instagram for but a day and it is already wreaking havoc on the hearts of teens everywhere. (Also on the hearts of Jezebel writers.) Specifically, Zayn posted a picture of himself wearing what appeared to be a wedding ring and the world wept a sea of tears; his rep then said it was just an engagement ring and the tears continued unabated. Sigh. [Page Six]

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Anna Paquin dyed her hair PURPLE and BLUE. She looks like a very sophisticated mermaid; I approve a lot. [E!]

  • Seth MacFarlane is allegedly being sued for stealing the idea for Ted, a movie that chronicles the misadventures of an animate stuffed animal who masturbates and makes poop jokes. Can you imagine having a mind so dessicated from years of being applauded for mindlessly yelling "BOOBS" that you had to plagiarize that plot? [NY Daily News]
  • Britney Spears forgot to pay for her lunch at the Cheesecake Factory; her people tell TMZ that she feels "horrible" about the mistake. A tale as old as time. [ONTD]
  • Courtney Stodden feasted upon a vegetarian hot dog while clad in a lettuce bikini, as we all have. [DListed]
  • Noted romantic Scott Disick posted a photograph of himself kissing Kourtney Kardashian in a rowboat. "Just like the Notebook," reads some WordArt in the photo's lower right corner. Yes, quite, just like it. My favorite part of the Notebook is when Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams fight over whether they should build a helicopter pad behind their pool. [E!]
  • Lindsay Lohan was spotted kissing a mystery man on a yacht in Italy. From the photos posted online of their tender moments, it would appear that he is a lump of blurry pixels joined together in corporeal form. [Just Jared]
  • Gwyneth Paltrow was spotted on a date with a "hot young guy" with "curly, shaggy hair" in the East Village. I'm imagining him as 90s-era Justin Timberlake, which brings me joy in this bleak summer morning. [Page Six]
  • Iggy Azalea's boyfriend says that the two of them went to Six Flags in sweatpants to forget about Nicki Minaj hurling shade in Iggy's direction. Also that Nicki is probably jealous. Uh-oh. [NY Daily News]
  • Prince George is "charging around and opens doors," according to some British lady who heard it from Prince William. The enthusiastic door-opening will make him a good diplomat, I bet???? Idk. He's a baby. [Hello]

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Now that True Blood has wrapped and Anna Paquin is no longer contractually obligated to have blond hair, the 31-year-old actress celebrated by going all out.

But instead of going for brunette or red, Anna went big and bold and dyed her hair bright purple and blue. She proudly showed off her anti-Sookie look on Twitter, captioning the photo with: "@Auracolorist just fulfilled my teen dream of being a mermaid. @_smoyer whatcha think?"

Proof that Anna Paquin was as sick of Sookie as everyone else.