Jill Zarin Crashes Kathy Griffin & Paris Hilton's Shopping Date

On last night's My Life on the D List, Kathy went shopping with Paris Hilton, and they ran into RHONY Jill Zarin, who talked about fabric. Then we learned that Paris was taught that only ugly girls give blow jobs.

According to Paris, her mother, Kathy Hilton, is the one who bestowed upon Paris this gem of wisdom. Paris claims that she doesn't give head, even though there is plenty of video evidence to the contrary.



I think using "sick" as a descriptor (which is what she was doing before the whole 'That's Huge' thing) for when something is cool sounds utterly weird in a very pretentious way. Like everyone who says it is trying just a bit too hard to be hip and cool.

I think that means that I'm officially an old fogie.