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Jezebel Knows That Ambition Is Not A Dirty Word

This week, Jezebel Bounty features the book Ambition Is Not a Dirty Word, which has been proclaimed by The New York Times as, "A defiant charge to women to ‘reclaim ambition as a virtue.'" This ambitious giveaway will not only include the book, but the entire bundle with private consulting time with author Dr. Debra Condren of Manhattan Business Consulting.

This week's contest:
We are looking to hear your best definition of "ambition" and what it means to you.
What you win:
Two winners will receive the Unleash Your Ambition System bundle, which includes:

  • (1) Autographed copy of Ambition Is Not A Dirty Word
  • (1) Ambition Is Not A Dirty Word Unabridged 11 CD Audiobook Set
  • (1) Ambition Workbook
  • (1) Ambition Journal
  • A Private Laser Strategy Phone Coaching Session with Dr. Debra Condren
Illustration for article titled Jezebel Knows That Ambition Is Not A Dirty Word

What all of our readers get:
Debra has posted a FREE MP3 download of her CD: "Discover How To Be Audaciously Ambitious AND Happy At The Same Time" at:

Submit your definitions in the comments only. The deadline for contest entries is Monday, February 28 at 12pm ET. On that evening (2/28), a Jezebel editor will pick two winners(!) from the comments on this post at her sole discretion based on originality. We will notify the two winners by email on Tuesday, March 1st by 12pm ET. All standard Gawker contest rules apply, naturally.

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eiaboca: The Jackie Jormp-Jormp Story

I have an uneasy relationship with ambition—-I know I have it inside of me somewhere (I want to get a Ph.D and be a professor and write books, and that's pretty much all that I can really remember wanting to do, other than being an astronaut), but I don't think I have what it takes much of the time, so I mope and I cry and I whine, and it (my ambition) gets stuffed into a tiny little angry and jealous part of me. I'd like to have a better relationship with my ambition, I'd like it to drive me instead of feeling like a tight little ball of anxiety inside, one that I ignore with copious amounts of blog reading and television watching.

So I guess my final definition:

Ambition, n. -

A valuable weapon in the arsenal of achievement, but one that dramatically hurts the wielder, instead of helping, unless honed properly.

Also, I am sorry if this is posted multiple times, I can't really see what is going on after I hit 'share.' I've had this problem since the redesign, so I haven't commented much, but I'd really like to enter this contest!