Jezebel Is Looking for Interns

Do you find yourself getting up early and obsessively sifting through headlines? Do you love being assigned random tasks and errands? Do you dream of fourth-floor walkups and a tidal wave of email? Most importantly, do you want to be schooled in the art of whatever it is we do? If so, you're in luck, because Jezebel is looking for some highly motivated new interns to join our party. If you're a Jane or Jack of all trades, read on.

We've received a lot of unsolicited applications since our last cattle call; when we're not specifically looking to fill positions, those emails tend to get lost. If you were one of these folks, now would be the time to resubmit per the instructions below. If you've applied in the past, do not hesitate to do so again — just let us know if you're a second or third-timer.



  • Excellent writing skills and a great voice; you should be both clear and entertaining without the help of an editor. You must be quick and witty. We move fast around here. (NB: This is not a writing position, not at the outset anyhow.)
  • Solid news-gathering skills and judgment.
  • Familiarity with Jezebel's content and style, as well as that of other major media outlets.
  • Basic RSS and HTML skills and knowledge of blog-publishing platforms (Wordpress, etc).
  • Well-versed in the ways of social networks.
  • Self-motivated — you have to get up really early in the morning.

Internships begin ASAP and last up to six months; this is an educational experience. You will be compensated (barely); school credit is also available, though this opportunity is not limited to students. You don't need to be in New York, but preference is given to those who can be in our office a couple of days per week.


I hate formal cover letters. Anyone can write one, and they rarely give me a sense of your personality. Instead, shoot me a few paragraphs about yourself and why you think you'd be perfect for this job. This is your one chance to impress upon me who you are and what kind of writer you would be; I should have a feel for your style, personality and voice — as well as your personal interests and qualifications — by the time I finish reading.


If you have published work or are already writing online, send relevant links. Please include your resume as text after your intro letter. Also include detailed information regarding your location and availability — mornings, afternoons, certain weekdays, 'round the clock, whatever.

Send applications to NO ATTACHMENTS, please. Any emails with attachments will be automatically deleted. Even if you're otherwise awesome.


So put on your knockoff thinking caps and get a-typing. Due to volume, not everyone will receive a response — but if I think you might be a good fit, I'll be in touch.

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