Jezebel has its very own undecided voter in Iowa! (It's not the voter a visibly not cocaine-influenced Obama is talking to in this AP picture, but you get the idea.) Our reader writes she'll be bringing her toddler to caucus tonight "because I'm a single mom with no freakin babysitter!" She's not using one of Hillary's teens because "you have no idea who you'll get to take care of your kid" (I'm thinking an establishmentarian midwestern Honor Roll student in the mold of young Hillary herself? But who knows.) At any rate, she's not voting for Hillary; like so many Iowans she's torn between Obama and Edwards. (They're both so pretty!) So twist her arm here, irrelevant state residents. "I secretly like the fact that when it's time to switch off the candidates that have the least votes, I'm super good at convincing my neighbors to go my way," she writes. Also, she appreciates that the media attention makes Iowa look like "less of a hick state." Well Scarlett Johansson is there, for Pete Wentz's sake!