Jezebel Crush Eliot Spitzer Involved In Prostitution Ring?

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Hey! What do you know! It's totally "It's Official, You Can Hate All Men Now" day. New York governor Eliot Spitzer is about to announce something about his how he fucks hookers for money or somesuch.The details aren't known. But, like, what the fuck, right? Eliot Spitzer has long been a Jezecrush for his tireless crusades on the criminal greed (and culture of impunity etc.) that run so rampant on Wall Street. Sure, he was always the sort of guy we never really wanted to meet in person. He's self-aggrandizing, arrogant and mean and most dudes like that rub us the wrong way. But um, no one expected him to rub anyone that wrong a way. And yet! Isn't this sort of the same hypocritical shit we've come to expect from such once-renowned moralizers as Ted Haggard and Newt Gingrich and Larry Craig and Britney Spears? Pretty much! Okay, so: a silver lining. I've got one!

It's from that Congressional hearing of all those fatcat CEOs who made huge $$$$ while the subprime mortgage market melted down leading thousands of Americans to lose their homes, the very sort of fatcat CEOs Spitzer has made a career skewering. One of them, Angelo Mozilo, the CEO of Countrywide Financial, who got some sort of nine trillion dollar severance package, was called down to answer questions about why he asked the company to pay taxes on his wife's travel on the corporate jet. "It was an emotional time for me," he said. Awwwwww, and he wanted his wife to follow him around on his jet? I thought executives used hot journalists for those purposes. Anyway, so maybe all men are bad in some way. But they don't all cheat on their wives necessarily!


Spitzer Linked To Prostitution Ring [CNN]

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Between the hookers and the dirty tricks scandal, this must set a record for the fastest and stupidest self-destruction of one's career.

Lohan 1 / Spitzer 0