Jezebel "Bugs" Fox & Friends Host Steve Doocy

So remember that irate screed I wrote about how angry Sarah Palin makes me and many other women? Well apparently Fox News noticed it — a few weeks too late? — and they're calling me out. Apparently I "bug" anchor Steve Doocy, and I should be angry at Barack Obama, not Sarah Palin, because Barack didn't pick "my candidate" Hillary Clinton for Vice President, and by his logic, Palin wouldn't have been nominated if Clinton had been chosen. Yeah…okay. They also called my anger "Upper West Side Manhattan anger" [Code for "she's a Jew!" -Ed.] that is not reflective of the rest of the country. I pissed off Fox News — my mommy will be so proud! PS, they couldn't even get the graphics right. They attribute someone else's quote to me. Clip above.
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Erin Gloria Ryan

I want to piledrive that woman.

I will be dressed up like Hulk Hogan for the piledriving.

Be warned, Blondie McStupid Van Conservativenutjob.

(She's Dutch, I have decided.)