Jezebel Artists

Now, when you view one of our titles, you might see an artist's imagery where usually you see the designs of advertisers. When you spot one of these images, you can click to read about the artist's process and work. Check out our current collection by browsing the list of artists, and consider submitting your own creative expressions.


Gawker Artists is curated by Liz Dimmitt of Gumshoe, LLC.

Submitting Your Art

To submit your work for consideration, please introduce yourself and include the following bits in a message to Works with adult themes will be considered for the Fleshbot title. See the Artists page for details.

  • An image measuring 728 x 90, 300 x 250, or 160 x 600 pixels. Your piece can be anything from panoramic photography of the Congo to blueprints of your industrial design for washing machines—any highlight of your creativity that fits in the aforementioned rectangles. File specifications: 40k maximum, jpg, gif, png files preferred.
  • A 100-word vignette, describing your work, process, or style, to be included as companion text for readers.
  • A URL that leads to a site with more information about you and your art.


To display a rotating gallery of Gawker Artists' works on your website, contact with your URL and implementation ideas. Art display sizes are 728x90, 160x600, and 300x250. See the Exhibitors page for details.

See the current exhibitors:

More Gawker artists:

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Jefferson Hayman
June Kato
Steve Ellis
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Rafael Ricoy
Sandra Parra
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Matthew Seydel Connors
Joshua Ellingson
Dana Jeri Maier
Andrew Venell
Ian D. Marsden
Hannah Bureau
Peyton Freiman
Craig Bevelheimer
Sima Schloss
David Ohlerking II
Fredrik Ahlstrom
LJ Lindhurst
Dougie Hayz
Chris Lowrance
Jason Das
Ken Lawson
Adam Grossi
Jake Watling
David Dalessandro
Kris Widger
David Bircham
Kenyon Bajus
Royal York Funston
Chris Nielsen
Sarah Awan
Judy Sue Kushner
Ben Ritter
Anne Sherwood Pundyk
Beth Herzhaft
Michelle Handelman
Noel Hefele
James Owen
Jeff L. Fisher
Michael Roach
Richard Lowry
Joe Heaps Nelson
Stone Riley
James M. Graham
Gokhan Okur
Nora Korsts Salzman
Peter Hess
Henry Bateman
Benjamin Marra
Liz Adams
Scot Nobles
Birgitte Philippides
Todd Pashak
Aleksandra Osadzinska
Jason Chase
Chris Thompson
Camille Young
Jack Veigel
Jee Yun Lee
George Smith
Christopher Becks
Dustin Lacina
Dylan Sisson
Auriea Harvey & Michael Samyn
Shawn Bonsky
James de Boer
Trent Call
Tom Davie
Zack Turner
Carissa Couch
Travis Dubreuil
Sergio Lubezky
Christian Ceres Merry
Dave Curd
Carolyn Smrcka
Scott Marc Becker
Adamo Macri
Claudio Parentela
Edwin Hoon
Michael Jekot
John Romano
Bill Anastas
Nora Ness
Drew Blackard
Bri Hermanson
Andrew Bell
Hilary Lorenz
Geoff Ashley
Adam Koford
Frank Jonen
Antony Hare
Paul Wallace
Renee Nault
Steve Strawn
Rebecca Hahn
Lisa Studier
Matt Burlingame
Richard Horton
John Lytle Wilson
Chambliss Giobbi
Tristan Zand
Kenneth E. Parris III