Jezebel apparently has readers who are quick of metabolism and good of bone structure! A "Vena Cava model" writes: "Firstly, Anna Wintour came before everyone else for a private viewing of the collection. No shades, smiling, skinny. It was my first runway show so that made me even more nervous." [This makes sense, even if she didn't attend the only other show going on at the moment, which was...uh... Adampluseve? Anyway, Anna Wintour, as everyone knows, is an economic force whose public presence needs to be staunchly guarded so as to prevent unaudited fashion trends from rippling through to the Vogue-reading populace. Sort of like when positive exit poll results dribble in too early and everyone goes to bed thinking, hey wow, my fellow countrymen are saner than I thought, and then they wake up with a massive hangover that lasts four years. Only without the "sanity" rumors. -Ed.] (Click on tag for more.)


"Then, during the show, I saw our oh-so-favorite HILLS member JustinBobby in the crowd. Can you guess how many washed-up reality TV "stars" it takes to turn a fashion show from game to lame? He even had his nappy-ass hair and hat on." Ugh. And if there is anything more depressing than the extent of the influence of Anna Wintour on the apparel industry, it is the extent of the influence of the fucking Hills on the apparel industry.



I can confirm both the Anna Wintour and JBob sightings as my roommate does PR for Vena Cava. She said AW was really nice (?!) and even said hello to her (she is a bit lower on the totem pole).

Regardless, I think Vena Cava deserves to win a CFDA award this year, and from what I hear probably will. I can't wait for said roommate to start bringing home the duds so I can filtch them out of her closet when she's not around (love the beer stein mug dress).