I love these celebrity events in honor of new jewelry lines. Take this one: Liv Tyler, Leighton Meester, Emmy Rossum, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Mena Suvari and others all turned out last night to "The Loft and Garden at Rockefeller Center" for launch of Piaget's new Limelight Paris-New York jewelry and timepieces, hosted by Vogue and The Whitney Contemporaries. Once there, it seems, the starlets sipped pink drinks and tried on jewels, which ain't bad for a school night. Given that it was a Vogue event, though, I did think the fashions were a bit...lackluster. I mean, not really bad - okay, with the exception of Mena Suvari - but not good, either. Everything was kind of in one 'meh' category today. But tell me what you think, after the jump!


Not the most engaging look on Leighton Meester, but definitely works with her clean-lined uptown girl style. The detail on the skirt does confuse me.

Emmy Rossum is working several trends I'm normally not into, simply because they feel too trendy and a bit overexposed - metallics, check, bubble hem, check - but by simple accessorizing and sheer willpower, she makes it work.


Zoe Kravitz is adorable. I love that she still looks kind of self-conscious in pictures! This maxi could look goofy on someone older - let's face it, the print's kinda fug - but for a 19-year-old? Fun.


Kate Schelter's raglan shape is not, in general, the most flattering: but I do think she's done it right with the necklace. Which is good, because apparently she's an image consultant.

Could Be Better:

Hm. I like an early-60s-style bateau neck as much as the next guy, but in combo with a faint horizontal stripe and a flat sandal? Not one of Maggie's more successful experiments.


Between the beaded floral cheongsam and the sandal, Liv Tyler has a hell of a lot going on here.

Okay, Pretty Bad:


I kind of thought Mena Suvari's halter-neck was ugly before I noticed that the cutouts on the bodice showcased skin.

Ugly Betty's Becki Newton's dress is like someone really boring with a secret S&M fetish.


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