Jesus Loves You, Wants You Barefoot In The Kitchen

"Womanly arts" like cooking, sewing, knitting, playing hostess and shit are fun to engage in, now that we aren't limited to them and them alone. But unfortunately, some still believe that we are. This fall, the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Texas added a "homemaking" concentration to its curriculum, reports the LA Times, which is all well and good, as those skills can totally be useful in everyday post-collegiate life. However, the classes are open only to women.

The academic program includes lectures on laundering stubborn stains and a lab in baking chocolate-chip cookies. [It] will allow women to get credit toward bachelor's degrees by learning how to set tables, sew buttons and sustain lively dinnertime conversation.


The college, and followers of its particular denomination of Christianity, believes that men and women are both equal in serving God, but have specific roles they need to follow, pointing to certain Bible passages to support their claims. Guest lecturer Ashley Smith, the wife of a theology professor says, "If we love the Scripture, we must do it." Uh, doesn't the Old Testament also say that you should keep Kosher? Something tells me the BBQ lovin' folks down in Texas don't follow that rule.Smith continues:

We must fit into this role. It's so much more important than our own personal happiness.

Statements like that are really fucking scary. Like, Jesus Fucking Christ, it's 2007! Don't get me wrong, I totally believe that homemaking is real work — it's not only necessary but it's challenging, both physically and mentally. But really, telling girls that housework is what they should be aspiring towards is just so... retro. The good news is that, of the 3,000 students at the college, only 8 have enrolled in the program as a concentration.

They Love To Do Their Homework [LA Times via CBS News]



@Mean_Ol_Liberal: It's funny because I was always the independent woman type, went to school for engineering, then business and I've only been working for about 3 years. I'd say for the past two years all I've wanted was to be home, cooking dinner and making babies. When I was younger I always felt bad for my mom, having to be home and taking care of everyone, but I've realized she LOVES it. Nothing makes her happier and I have a feeling I'll feel the same way, if I ever find a man I want to make babies with : )

I have a lot of friends who think I'm nuts, which I actually think is great, because the world needs all sorts of women (and men) right now. Having this class only open to women seems a bit ridiculous, there are plenty of stay at home dads around who truly enjoy it. I think everyone should have to take a class like this.